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Action Plan Surveys

Each year as part of the Leadership Program, the participants form small groups to produce Action Plans.  The Action Plans are presented during Graduation on the last day of the program. 

Action Plans will provide the framework to allow for real-world changes in the community.  Plans will emphasize collaboration with local community groups and promote positive, short-term impacts.

Through interviews, surveys, and more, Leadership Program participants will complete the following components:

  • develop a program rationale (why is the program necessary)

  • a needs assessment

  • proposed budget and timeline

  • community collaborations (who needs to be involved in the project)

  • promotional packet (essential pieces for the program such as flyers or brochures)

  • group presentation

Projects are designed to be:

  • Relevant to the community

  • Implemented in one year

  • Have a budget of less than $15,000

This year, the class has come up with some very interesting topics. The class participants now need your input to further their Action Plans. Below are overviews and links to the surveys. Please take all that interest you.

Sun Safe Tahoe Basin

Sun Safe Tahoe Basin is looking for community input on how liquid sunscreen is currently being used by residents and visitors. 

Sun Safe Tahoe Basin seeks to provide free education and prevention methods through free sunscreen dispensers in public parks, beaches, and schools.

Skin cancer, while manageable, is one of the deadliest and most common forms of cancer worldwide: according to, if you get 5 sunburns in your lifetime, your risk for melanoma doubles. But, there’s positive news: regular daily use of an SPF 15 or higher sunscreen reduces the risk of developing squamous cell carcinoma by about 40 percent.

Sun Safe Tahoe provides equitable access to lifesaving preventative measures by introducing free sunscreen dispensers to public spaces in the North Lake Tahoe – Truckee area. By providing educational materials and a helpful website with mapped locations, we hope to increase awareness of safe outdoor recreation and the benefits of SPF use. We will start at public beaches and parks, then increase our scope to reach public school sites in TTUSD boundaries. We hope to expand the program to private businesses with “adopted” sunscreen dispensers to customize and maintain.

TART User Survey

The current Truckee North Tahoe public transit system, TART, allows locals and visitors to travel through the region without a car. TART Connect - the on-demand micro-transit, enables individuals to make short first-mile and last-mile trips or connect to the TART Bus. TART Bus - connects Truckee to North Lake Tahoe Along Highway 267 and Highway 89, and Mainline service allows users to travel between Sugar Pine Point State Park and Incline Village.

Despite the transit system's improvement, many people do not use public transit. We believe that if we can get a diverse range of people to try TART services, they will be more likely to use it in the future, strengthening our communities and reducing traffic congestion thereby. Our transit incentive campaign encourages people to try transit, creating a fun vibe around transit use, and supporting users with relevant information.

Social Media Outreach

Through an easy-to-access app and/or social media presence, Truckee residents and visitors alike – especially younger residents ages 18-22 – should feel connected to their community by discovering local events, happenings, government topics and more right at their fingertips. Never again will you have to say, “I didn’t know about that!” in Truckee.

Wood Splitting for Seniors

The Wood Splitting for Seniors action plan aims to provide free wood splitting, delivery, and stacking for elderly members of the North Tahoe/ Truckee region. Firewood is an essential resource for living in the mountains, but procuring it can be physically arduous. Senior citizens may have issues with mobility and strength or may be unable to split and stack their own wood. We hope our program will give seniors easy access to the resources needed to heat their homes in the winter.

Caretaker Certification Program

The Caretaker Certification Program (CCP) provides an opportunity for North Lake Tahoe residents to certify as a caretaker to facilitate on-site services for property owners in exchange for rent or housing at the property. Full-time, local residents will be able to learn and utilize a skillset through the certification process that will in turn, benefit a property owner with on-site maintenance needs. As a unique approach to affordable housing, this program offers these valuable services while expanding housing stock for full-time residents [in the missing middle] without additional development.

TC Rec Center and Skatepark- survey coming soon

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